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Cuenta Naranja Unibank

Give your plans a new twist with our Cuenta Naranja Unibank.

This product allows you to enjoy an interest rate of 4% both on your Savings Account as well as your Term Deposit.


  • Applies to new funds.
  • Maximum amount of USD 300,000 (USD 210,000 in Term Deposit and USD 90,000 in your Savings Account).
  • Minimum amount USD 25,000 (USD 17,500 in Term Deposit and USD 7,500 in your Savings Account).
  • The effective interest rate on term deposit and savings account is 4.07%. It applies to the savings account provided that the account remains at or within the initial balance.

In addition, through our online banking, you can carry out all your banking operations in a secure environment from anywhere in the world.


  • Availability of funds at rates equivalent to a Term Deposit.
  • Your money performs better.
  • CLAVE card for making cash withdrawals at ATM’s and store purchases.
  • The ease of using chequebooks, providing customers with a more secure alternative to carrying cash.
  • We are the only bank in Panama offering this alternative way of managing your money.


  • Copies of two identification documents (cedula or passport and driving license.)
  • Banking reference letters.
  • Evidence of income.
  • Copy of a utility bill (water, electricity or telephone).
  • Unibank, S.A. may require additional documentation or information in accordance with policies and procedures that apply to this product.