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UniTrust is a fiduciary company that offers a wide range of products and services aimed at asset protection, asset management and guarantees for your financing activities, with a customized, quick and effective service.

Our mission is to provide effective solutions for the administration of your assets, adapting to the needs of our customers and being recognized by our unique and customized service.  

Our vision is focused on structuring and managing personal and legal trust funds for all sectors of the Panamanian economy, generating value, loyalty and trust for each of our customers.  

Our Commitment:

Building trust in our clients in the administration of assets with impartiality and transparency. Developing fiduciary structures tailored to the needs of our customers. Efficiency in the structuring and administration processes. Offer the best customized attention and confidentiality, ensuring the loyalty of our customers.

At UniTrust we have products that will allow you to protect your assets, safeguarding them in the best way:

  • Guarantee Trust
  • Administrative Trust
  • Investment Trust
  • Real Property Development Trust
  • Asset Protection Trust
  • Escrow


  • They are constituted as a separate, autonomous and independent assets and they are exempt from legal actions, protected and safeguarded from seizures and embargoes before third parties.
  • Maximizes security, functionality and transparency as there is an absolute separation of assets, resources and their results are strictly towards compliance with the provisions of the contract or as instructed by the Trustor, acting the Trustee within the legal framework provided by the Trust Act.
  • It grants the Trustor the possibility of reducing operational and financial costs, since transactional and accounting activities can be carried out through the Trust.
  • It is a flexible tool and at any time you can enter new assets for custody and administration or make modifications to your contracts.
  • Adequate patrimonial/testamentary planning designating the Beneficiaries without incurring in Probate hearing procedures.