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Privacy and Security Policy

At Unibank, S.A. we have taken all necessary precautions to ensure that your information is transmitted with complete security and confidence:
These precautions include the following:

When using Online Banking, information is transmitted in an encrypted form, which means that it is protected using a process that prevents unauthorized people from accessing it. We use a system of data encryption or encoding. This means that no information that travels between your computer and the bank’s server can be deciphered by third parties.

Our Internet site is protected by digital security certificates issued by one of the most important certifying companies that is also a leader in the provision of electronic Internet security. Digital certificates are the world standard for authentication of web servers and the encryption of data exchanged between them.

Every time you visit Online Banking, a series of measures will allow the bank to effectively identify you as our customer, as well as assuring you that you really are visiting the bank’s genuine site.

User name and password: Both of these make up a unique access key which authenticate you as a customer, authorized to see and handle information according to your profile.

Image: You will have to select an image and a phrase associated with your Online Banking User, thereby confirming that each time you log in, the image that you chose is the one that is displayed.

Dynamic authentication device – TOKEN: To add an extra level of security to your transactions, payments or funds transfers to third parties, we have implemented the use of the token, which consists of a physical device that dynamically generates unique keys. Each token is different and unique for each customer, in other words the token is associated with your user and cannot be used by any other user.

We carry out follow up and monitoring of transactions carried out by our customers through electronic means, in order to detect fraudulent use of their accounts.

General security recommendations:

  • Never share your USER-ID or Username for accessing the Online Banking system with anybody.
  • Do not save your USER-ID or Username and password for accessing Online Banking on any web browser.
  • Never send your key or personal information by email, chat or telephone. Unibank, S.A. will never ask for your data using these means.
  • Never share your PASSWORD with anybody.
  • Change your password frequently.
  • Never move away from your computer leaving information relating to your account showing on the screen. End your session and close your browser before moving away from the computer.
  • Keep your computer updated and virus free.
  • Regularly review your accounts and the detailed history of transactions.
  • Do not open emails and/or download files if you are not sure where they come from.
  • Avoid logging on to Online Banking from public computers.
  • Immediately notify the bank of any anomaly with your online banking service.

Recommendations for using your Token

  • • The token allows a double authentication of the user when making a transaction. The dynamic key generated by the token cannot be copied or cloned and it is not necessary to install anything in your computer.
  • • Your should nevertheless follow the recommendations for use set out below:
  • • Avoid using the token as a key ring for car or house keys, leaving it in public parking spaces or forgetting it.
  • • Avoid leaving it unsecured in your office or home. Keep it in a safe place. Let the bank know in the event of any difficulty with your token device.

Automatic Teller Machines (ATMs)

  • Make sure to use ATMs that are illuminated and located in safe places.
  • Do not allow anybody you do not know to help you use your card.
  • Do not enter your PIN if the ATM is out of service.
  • Do not use an ATM if you feel in any personal danger.
  • Do not give your PIN to anybody, and that includes bank employees.
  • Only enter your PIN when advised to do so by the ATM screen.
  • If a receipt is printed, take it and keep it safe .
  • Inform the bank immediately if you observe any foreign object or obstruction in the card slot or cash dispensing tray.
  • If you lose your card, immediately notify the bank.

International Transfers

  • In order to use this service, the user has to provide personal information such as name, address, email, telephone or fax number.
  • This personal information will be used only for the bank’s own purposes.
  • Unibank, S.A. will not reveal any information provided, unless required to do so by a competent authority.