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About Unibank

Unibank, S.A. is a limited company established in accordance with the laws of the Republic of Panama, and which has entered the Panamanian banking sector. The bank commenced operations in December 2010 with capital of $50million, a board of directors composed of Panamanian businessmen from a range of industries and an experienced management team.

By the end of 2013 Unibank had obtained approval from the Superintendence of the Securities Market (SMV) to issue VCNs. Its first issue of VCNs strengthened the bank’s position in the banking sector and its positive growth on the Panamanian financial scene. In September 2014, having obtained the authorization of the Panamanian Superintendence of Banks, Unibank acquired 50% of the capital of Invertis Securities, which became the new Securities House of the Unibank Group. 

The entity has the active participation of the members of the Board of Directors in the various committees, who measure the performance in the administrative, business, best practices and corporate social responsibility aspects.

In 2020, Unibank celebrates 10 years of constant growth and evolution. It has achieved important achievements that have positioned it as a bank recognized for its service of excellence and personalized attention, offering financial solutions according to the needs of each client. We have the highest standards of Corporate Governance, using the support of the Board of Directors, an adequate code of conduct, robust procedures to fight corruption, an effective anti-money laundering program and continuous training at all levels of the organization

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