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New format in ACH transactions ISO 20022

Comunicado importante | UniBank
October 28, 2020

As part of the actions coordinated by the TELERED company for the implementation of the project to modernize the interbank ACH ISO 20022 platform, the “Categoría de la Transacción...


Transfers in dollars and euros? Yes it is possible from our Online Banking

Transferencias Internacionales en euros y dólares - Banca en Línea UniBank
September 29, 2020

From our Online Banking you can send and receive international transfers in dollars and euros at USD35.00 per transaction. We invite you to navigate...


Are you looking for a Safe Deposit Box?

Cajillas de Seguridad | UniBank
September 07, 2020

Learn about the advantages we have for you in our exclusive Safe Deposit Boxes:

  • Protection by monitoring the vault cameras and security boxes.
  • ...